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The Noah Hallock Homestead circa 1905

On Sept. 2nd, a curated collection of sculptures by Rocky Point Artist Temima Gezari was the featured exhibition in the South Parlor of the Hallock Homestead Museum. Temima is fondly remembered for the open house exhibits she hosted every summer up until a few years before her passing in 2009 at the age of 103. One of her sculptures is on display in the park behind Tilda’s Bakery. This exhibit is supported by the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation.

MONTHLY HISTORIC PROGRAMS ARE FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Meetings held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the VFW Hall on King Road. 7 PM.

Guided tours of the Noah Hallock Homestead Saturdays, 1-3 pm from April through Dec.
Call (631) 744-1776 for group and school tours. 172 Hallock Landing Road, Rocky Point. $5 donation requested

The Hallock Homestead is the birthplace of six men of the Hallock family who participated in the American Revolution!  Two of those patriots are buried nearby in the Noah Hallock cemetery. Come and take a peek at the ongoing restoration. Tours will be limited, at this time, to the Rocky Point Room, the Farm Room and the Radio Room. You can also visit our Gift Shop and walk the grounds. Come and see the Sandstone Blocks from the former Long Island Railroad Bridge over Hallock Landing Road. The Rain Garden project is on going and will be beautiful.

Come see our newly installed Rain Garden,
full of native plants provided by a grant from ReWild Long Island.

ReWild Long Island is a nonprofit dedicated to sustainable landscaping
for biodiversity and climate resilience.
This rain garden will help absorb the excessive rain that falls and the stormwater that has flooded our building twice in 8 years. We are also establishing a new butterfly garden as we join the Pollinator Pathways Initiative.

Gardens at the Hallock Homestead

Master Gardeners Edith Mahler, Charlie Bevington, and Janice Bambara are eager to show you the gardens at the c.1721 Noah Hallock Homestead (photo by Alina Wilcynski)


Hallock House Herb and Vegetable Garden

PlantUse by ColonistsComments
Anise HyssopMedicinalNative to North American plains, used by native americans for fever, respiratory ailments and burns  
AsparagusFresh & Pickled VegetableSettlers brought from England in the 18th century
Bee Balm Medicinal, culinary, aromatic, ornamentalTea substitute after Boston tea party, used to attract bees for bee hives
Black CohoshMedicinalNative Americans: female hormone stimulant, snakebite antidote, blood tonic
BorageMedicinal, culinaryFever, bronchitis, diarrhea, diuretic, courage, melancholy, salad, tea, flavoring for drinks
CatmintMedicinal, culinaryColds, coughs, indigestion, insect repellent, seasoning
ChamomileMedicinal, aromaticSedative, digestive aid, colds, aches, skin irritations, strewing
ChivesMedicinal, culinarySeasoning, edible leaves and flowers
Clary SageMedicinal, culinaryEye wash,relaxant, tonic, female hormone stimulant wine, soups, salads, stews
ComfreyMedicinalHealing wounds and broken bones, adds nitrogen to soil
Curly DockMedicinal, culinaryColonist brought in feed, Native Americans used seeds for flour &meal, poultice, rheumatism, skin ailments
FennelMedicinal, culinaryDigestive aid, seeds for tea, edible stalks and bulb
FeverfewMedicinalHeadache, fever, cough, insect repellent
FoxgloveMedicinalHeart beat regulator, diuretic
GoldenrodMedicinal, culinary, dyeKidney stones, diuretic, flowers in Liberty tea, yellow dye
Horse RadishMedicinal, culinaryCondiment on meat, vinegar preserves, worms, scurvy, aches, antibacterial, decongestant
HyssopMedicinal, culinary,aromaticCompresses, cough syrup, antiseptic, flavoring, rea, strewing, perfume (native to southern Europe)
Lamb’s EarMedicinalWound dressing and astringent during Civil War
LavenderMedicinal, culinary,aromaticRelaxant, tea, strewing, perfume
Lemon BalmMedicinal, culinary,aromaticScorpion and dog bites, melancholy, longevity, jams & jellies, perfume, attracts honey bees to hives
LovageMedicinal, culinaryEye wash, freckles and skin redness, sore throat, bee stings, pleurisy, soups, salads, stews, candied root
MarjoramMedicinal, culinaryHeadache, toothache, cold, flavoring
Nodding OnionMedicinal, culinaryNative plant Native Americans:Edible bulbs & leaves, skin ailments, poultice, respiratory disorders, sore throat, seasoning
OreganoMedicinal, aromaticCoughs, asthma, toothache, rheumatism, sprains, strewing, washes
ParsleyCulinary, dyeSeasoning, green dye
PinksCulinary, aromaticFlavoring for ales, wines, syrups; potpourri
PrunellaMedicinal Antibiotic poultice & tea for wounds, ulcers, sore throat (healing aid called All-heal or Self-heal)
RhubarbMedicinal, culinaryLaxative, purgative, astringent, edible stalks, leaves poisonous 
Rose CampionMedicinalKidney stones, diiuretic
RosemaryMedicinal, culinary,aromaticCompresses, washes, headache, seasoning, strewing
RueMedicinal, aromaticInsect repellent, disinfectant, strewing, eye ailments, arthritis, snake bites and many other healing uses
SageMedicinal, culinarySore throat, cold, fever, seasoning
SantolinaMedicinal, aromatic, ornamental(Lavender Cotton common name) Insect repellent, jaundice remedy, boiled in milk to cure worms
ThymeMedicinal, culinary,aromaticToothache, earache, gout, seasoning, strewing
Verbena bonariensisOrnamentalIntroduced by colonists, became naturalized, attracts butterflies (Monarch, Red admiral, Checkerspot)
Winter SavvoryMedicinal, culinaryIndigestion, flatulence, antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, sore throat, insect bites, peppery seasoning (especially for beans)
Witch HazelMedicinalAstringent, poultice, burns, insect bites
YarrowMedicinalAstringent to stop bleeding, pack wounds
PlantPollinatorsNectorLarval Host Plant
AmsoniaButterflies, bees, hummingbird moths, hummingbirdsyesspicebush swallowtail butterfly
AsterButterflies,yesPearl crescent
BaptisiaButterflies, bees, mothsyeswild indigo duskywing, silver spotted skipper, hoary edge skipper & more
Bee BalmBees, butterflies, wasps, moths, hummingbirdsyesOrange mint moth, hermit sphinx moth, raspberry pyrausta
Butterfly WeedButterflies, hummingbirds, bees,waspsyesMonarch, queen, dogbane tiger moth,milkweed tussock moth, unexpected cycnia moth
ButtonbushButterflies, bees, moths, wasps, beetles, flies, hummingbirdsyesMoths: titan sphinx, hydrangea sphinx, royal walnut
ChokecherryButterflies, bees, flies, ants, hummingbirdsyesEastern tiger swallowtail, many moths including hummingbird clearwing
EchinaceaButterflies, bees, hummingbirdsyesSilvery checkerspot butterfly, moths including the way-lined emerald
FennelButterflies, bees, wasps, flies, beetlesyesBlack swallowtail, anise swallowtail
Golden AlexanderButterflies, bees, wasps, flies, beetlesyesBlack swallowtail
HeliopsisButterflies, bees, flies, beetles waspsyesPainted lady
Joe Pye WeedButterflies(monarch, tiger swallowtail, skippers, azures) bees, moths, hummingbirdsyes4 moths: clymene, eupatorium borer,ruby tiger, three-lined flower
LiatrisButterflies, bees, wasps, hummingbirds, fliesyesMoths: Schinia gloriosa & Schinia sanguinea (not in our region)
Little BluestemWind pollinatedyeseight types of skipper butterflies, common wood nymph
Mexican SunflowerButterflies, bees,flies, hummingbirdsyesNot a host plant, many butterflies are attracted to nectar
ParsleyButterflies, bees, wasps, fliesyesBlack swallowtail, anise swallowtail
PenstemonButterflies, bees, moths, hummingbirdsyesNative Penstemon digitalis is a host plant to the Checkerspot butterfly
PussywillowBees, ants, flies, beetlesyes18 Butterflies & moths including the eastern tiger swallowtail & mourning cloak butterflies
Rose CampionButterflies, moths, bees, fliesyesNone noted
RudbeckiaButterflies, bees, flies, beetlesyesSilvery checkerspot, wavy-lined emerald, bordered patch butterflies
Salviabutterflies, bees,hummingbirdsyesNone noted
SneezeweedButterflies, bees, flies, beetles, waspsyesDainty sulphur butterfly
SundropButterflies, bees, moths, beetles, hummingbirdsyesPearly wood nymph, momphid and primrose moths
Tall VerbenaButterflies, bees, moths, hummingbirdsyesCommon buckeye butterfly, verbena moth

OUR RED ROOF, rocks!

Our 19th century metal roof shingles are getting the spa treatment, removing old paint and rust, and will be primed and painted a beautiful red once again. This is the final step using the funds from the Gardiner Foundation grant. There’s more work to do so please consider supporting our Capital Campaign. We need funds to complete the restoration of the house.


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Thank you, Natalie!

Point of Light Award:

Our lovely Natalie Aurucci-Stiefel, retired President of the Rocky Point Historical Society, was a 2023 honoree! The Rocky Point/Sound Beach Chamber of Commerce awarded her with the “Point of Light Award” for her years of work in the community! Congratulations, Natalie! We are in awe of all you have accomplished and what you continue to do for our community! 💖


We are the proud owners of the original red blocks that held up the the Railroad Bridge that went over Hallock Landing Road! When the line was discontinued, the bridge was dismantled in 1938 and the blocks were repurposed as a bulkhead for Hallock Landing Beach. They were removed from the beach during a Town drainage project, and we were lucky enough to obtain three for our garden. Sitting there you have a view of the Sound!

Restoration has begun on the Rocky Point Hallock Homestead!

Jeremiah McGiff of Wild Boar Restoration in Brookhaven hamlet discusses the process he will use to remove and restore the 18th-century windows at the Noah Hallock Homestead.  His work and other upcoming restoration is being funded by a matching grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation.

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