Past Activities

  • Honor Roll Sign Dedication
  • St. Patricks’ Day Parades
  • Hallockville Museum – 2007 Annual Historic Site Tour
  • Vanderbilt – 2005 Annual Historic Site Tour
  • Culper Spy Ring Tour 2017
  • Smithtown Historical Society 2018
  • Cutchogue Historical Society 2019

    The RPHS enjoyed a visit to the Cutchogue Historical Society site. Historian, Zachary Studenroth, conducted the tour featuring six historic buildings. A luncheon followed at the Red Rooster restaurant.On Saturday, June 3rd, Setauket historian, Bev Tyler, led members and friends of the Rocky Point Historical Society on a tour back in time to the days of the Culper Spy Ring. The story has been made famous with the television series “Turn”. The tour started at the headquarters of the Setauket Historical Society where Mr. Tyler, wearing 18th century clothing, took on the personality and true story of Abraham Woodhull. The attendees followed the tour with a line of cars to the site of the birthplace and farm of Woodhull, to the burial grounds at St. George’s Manor Cemetery and the Caroline Church Cemetery.
    Abraham Woodhull, born in Setauket on Oct. 7, 1750. He was the Chief of Long Island spies reporting to General Washington. Woodhull’s code name was Sanuel Culper, Sr. He was the link to evaluate the reports to be submitted to Washington. Following the Revolution, Woodhull became the first Judge of Suffolk County. Other local residents who took part in the spy ring were Austin Roe, Caleb Brewster and Anna Smith Strong. (photo by Carol Calabro)

Annual Historic Site Tour was held on Saturday, June 2nd. It featured a visit to the Smithtown Historical Society headquarters which included 4 historic houses, a barn an 1890 Library on 35 acres including an active sheep meadow. Luncheon followed the historic Circa 1873 Victorian Mansion, The Garden Grill.