Educational Programs

  • Acquisition of the Circa 1721 Noah Hallock Homestead
  • Placement of Historic homes signs on several Rocky Point eighteenth and nineteenth century houses.
  • Placement of sign of early African-American free farming community 1790-1850.
  • Caretakers of Noah Hallock 1721 Cemetery. Restoration and replacement of damaged and missing headstones, plantings and annual cleaning.
  • Replica of World War II Honor Roll sign at the Joseph A. Edgar School in September 2004
  • Partners with Rocky Point School District in maintaining the Marconi “1902 radio building.” Newly restored and painted(2018) and dedication of sign in 2006 and 2007.
  • Display of artifacts and archival photographs at local schools
    3 different exhibits at High School in 2004, 2005, 2006.
    1 in Frank Carasiti Elementary School
    1 in Middle School
    1 in Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate
  • History of Joseph A. Edgar School in 2005. Printed booklet of biographies of interviews by students.
  • May 2007 program with Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School classes K-Grade 2 at the Marconi building
  • 2007 New York State Archives Student Research program with 4th grade students at the Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School
  • Historical programs offered during Rocky Point Historical Society meetings
  • Archival photo display in local banks and restaurants
  • Annual Tea with an historic theme.
  • Publication of coloring book “Historic Rocky Point” with sketches by Rocky Point Jr. and Senior High School students in 2000
  • Publication of the “Noah Hallock Cemetery book” in 1998
  • Publication of “Slavery in Rocky Point, L.I., N.Y.” in 2007
  • Publication of “Culross Drive” in 2016 and “Vessel Ashore” in 2018
  • Shared history with Rocky Point Elementary School teacher, D. Falcone, who is putting together a curriculum of Rocky Point’s history for the various grades. He used our site to gather information for their online newspaper called the “Rocky Point Times” at (2017)
  • Vessel Ashore at Rocky Point: My Search for the Hallock Landing Shipwreck” PowerPoint presentations for the following: Miller Place/Mount Sinai HistoricalSociety(2017), The Port Jefferson Free Library(2016), Mr. Falcone’s 5th Grade Class(2018),Rocky Point Rotary Club(2017)