Educational Programs

  • Acquisition of the Circa 1721 Noah Hallock Homestead
  • Placement of Historic homes signs on several Rocky Point eighteenth and nineteenth century houses.
  • Placement of sign of early African-American free farming community 1790-1850.
  • Caretakers of Noah Hallock 1721 Cemetery. Restoration and replacement of damaged and missing headstones, plantings and annual cleaning.
  • Replica of World War II Honor Roll sign at the Joseph A. Edgar School in September 2004
  • Partners with Rocky Point School District in maintaining the Marconi “1902 radio building.” Newly restored and painted(2018) and dedication of sign in 2006 and 2007.
  • Display of artifacts and archival photographs at local schools
    3 different exhibits at High School in 2004, 2005, 2006.
    1 in Frank Carasiti Elementary School
    1 in Middle School
    1 in Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate
  • Shared history with Rocky Point Elementary School teacher, D. Falcone, who is putting together a curriculum of Rocky Point’s history for the various grades.
  • History of Joseph A. Edgar School in 2005. Printed booklet of biographies of interviews by students.
  • May 2007 program with Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School classes K-Grade 2 at the Marconi building
  • 2007 New York State Archives Student Research program with 4th grade students at the Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School
  • Historical programs offered during Rocky Point Historical Society meetings
  • Archival photo display in local banks
  • Early photographs of Rocky Point in local restaurants: Rocky Point Pizza,” “Tommy’s Place,” Caruso’s Resturant
  • Annual Tea with an historic theme.
  • Publication of coloring book “Historic Rocky Point” with sketches by Rocky Point Jr. and Senior High School students in 2000
  • Publication of the “Noah Hallock Cemetery book” in 1998
  • Publication of “Slavery in Rocky Point, L.I., N.Y.” in 2007
  • Publication of “Culross Drive” in 2016 and “Vessel Ashore” in 2018

Mr. Falcone’s 5th grade class at Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School used our website to research Rocky Point history for their online newspaper called the “Rocky Point Times” at in 2017.PowerPoint presentations of the program, “Vessel Ashore at Rocky Point: My Search for the Hallock Landing Shipwreck” for the Miller Place/Mount Sinai Historical Society, The Port Jefferson Free Library(2016,) Mr. Falcone’s 5th Grade Class, and for the Rocky Point Rotary Club(2017.)